Best Podcasts for Seniors

Podcasts keep growing in popularity among all ages. According to DemandSage, there are more than 5 million podcasts available, with more than 460 million listeners globally. But which ones are the best for seniors, and why should they listen anyway?

Find out about podcasts, some of the best for seniors, and how to listen to them.

Why Seniors Should Listen to Podcasts
Seniors can benefit from listening to podcasts for various reasons, as they offer a wide range of outlooks that can enhance your life and well-being. Here are some reasons why you should consider listening to podcasts:

Entertainment and enjoyment – Podcasts offer a diverse selection of entertaining shows, including comedy, storytelling and interviews. They can bring joy and laughter, making leisure time more enjoyable and fulfilling.
Flexibility and accessibility – Podcasts are accessible on various devices like smartphones, tablets and computers. Seniors can listen at their convenience, whether it’s during walks, while cooking, or simply relaxing at home.
Keeping informed – Podcasts can cover news, current events and discussions on societal topics, helping seniors stay informed and engaged in the world around them.
Learning and education – Podcasts cover a vast array of topics, from history and science to personal development and language learning. Seniors can continue to engage their minds, learn new things, and stay intellectually active through podcast content.
Social connection – Listening to podcasts on shared interests can provide seniors with topics for discussion, fostering social connections with friends, family, or fellow enthusiasts.
12 of the Top Podcasts for Seniors
1. 70 Over 70
70 Over 70 is filled with the wisdom of elders. Host Max Linsky talks to 70 people over the age of 70 in these archived episodes. Celebrities such as Norman Lear and Dan Rather, along with everyday people, talk about their lives and how they’re making the most of their time right now.

2. 99% Invisible
Host Roman Mars discusses design, architecture and other things you don’t think about in the world in 99% Invisible. Recent episodes cover the player piano, creating shade in the public, and religious tracts. An outgrowth of this series is the book “The 99% Invisible City.” You can also subscribe to a newsletter.

3. Better Health While Aging
This podcast for seniors and family caregivers gives practical information from a geriatrician and other experts. Better Health While Aging, hosted by Dr. Leslie Kernisan, has covered memory loss, senior decision making and what to know about COVID. She also speaks about hearing loss, estate planning and other topics of interest.

4. BirdNote
Bird watching is a growing interest for older Americans, and BirdNote is a quick podcast filled with facts and sounds about birds. In just two minutes, you can learn about bird nests, the Great Blue Heron, or architecture for birds, along with hearing the calming sounds of birds in the wild.

5. Criminal
Crime podcasts are one of the biggest categories, and Criminal is a podcast for any senior who may be interested. Real interviews of victims and criminals are featured, along with tales of manhunts. Recent podcasts talk about the Unabomber, the Tylenol murders, Cleveland’s Torso Murder, and more.

6. Freakonomics Radio
Consistently one of the top-rated podcasts, Freakonomics Radio is a simple discussion of economics and how it plays a role in our everyday lives. For example, some of the episodes include whaling, stolen art and taxes.

7. Good Job, Brain!
This fun podcast is part trivia and part quiz show. Each episode of Good Job, Brain! features a theme, such as road trip, summer and youthfulness. Hosts, guests and listeners all try their luck at the answers, and in the end learn something new.

8. The Joe Rogan Experience
Joe Rogan’s show is the most popular podcast and streaming show in the world. The controversial figure is a standup comic, television host and purveyor of the unusual. The Joe Rogan Experience has featured comedians, political figures, scientists and actors. This is the show that famously showed Elon Musk smoking marijuana.

9. Relic Radio
Pure nostalgia, Relic Radio features rebroadcasts of old-time radio shows from the Golden Age in their entirety. From horror to sci-fi, mysteries to comedy to “Orson Welles On the Air.” Relic Radio has several different podcasts to choose from.

10. Retirement Wisdom
There’s more to retirement than finances. Retirement Wisdom talks about living your life after work. Episodes focus on where you should live, Medicare, hobbies, wellness and becoming a consultant after you quit the day-to-day work world.

11. Stuff You Should Know
A compendium of interesting facts, Stuff You Should Know will tell you about just about everything you’d ever wonder about. Recent episodes covered learning a foreign language, insomnia, how police lineups work, the facts about birth order and more. You’ll get lost in the long-form episodes (around 45 minutes to an hour) and the Short Stuff quicker episodes (10 to 15 minutes).

12. This American Life
Produced by National Public Radio, This American Life shares real stories about real people. Sometimes humorous, sometimes shocking, this is a very popular podcast. Recent episodes featured stories from a fertility clinic, ghosts, the necessity of rats and more.

How to Play These Podcasts and Others
You’ll need to do a few things to settle into a good podcast. You don’t need any special equipment, just what you probably already have.

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Find a podcast app – First, download a podcast app on your smartphone or tablet. Popular podcast apps include Apple Podcasts (for iOS devices), Google Podcasts (for Android devices), Spotify, and Stitcher.
Search for podcasts – Once the app is installed, you can search for podcasts on topics you are interested in. Use keywords or browse through categories to find shows. The 12 examples above have links to each show’s website, but you’ll need to select the correct podcast app to save and play them.
Subscribe to podcasts – After finding a podcast you like, subscribe to it. Subscribing means that new episodes will automatically download or appear in your app’s library when they are released.
Listen to episodes – Once subscribed, you can listen to episodes by clicking on the show’s title and selecting the episode you want to hear. Listen using headphones or through the device’s speakers.
Playback controls – Podcast apps typically have playback controls, allowing you to play, pause, rewind, or fast-forward through episodes.
Downloading vs. streaming – Some apps allow users to download episodes for offline listening, which is useful when internet access is limited. Alternatively, you can stream episodes if you have a reliable internet connection.
Explore recommendations – Podcast apps often provide personalized recommendations based on listening history, helping you discover new shows that match your interests.
Overall, podcasts are an accessible, informative and enjoyable way for seniors to stay engaged, informed and entertained.

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